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McCreadie media services

What do we offer?

A complete multi-media production experience: advanced communications, IT and media skills, we can build, maintain, develop, market and manage content for all kinds of websites, including interactive and eCommerce.

Our range of services also cover production of digital sound & video, online newspapers and ezines, as well as traditional print publications.

Media and IT consultancy:
Advice and guidance on setting up newspapers and studios using state-of-the-art technology or making a newsroom out of nothing in a developing country ... to website concepts, product launches, media management, media business and IT solutions.

Journalism training:
Workshops covering traditional journalism skills in writing, interviewing and design to journalism online, interactive website design & build, and production of sound and movies with instruction in using Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro software and other cutting edge software.

Specialist reporting workshops covering HIV/AIDS and all human rights issues incuding Women's Rights and Children's Rights.

Business development:
Launching a newspaper, radio or television production, we can advise on market research, business plans, launch plans, competitive production, advertising, product awareness, staffing levels, subscriptions, promotions and circulation both in the UK and globally.

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Bangladesh, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Jordan.
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Workshops on empowerment of women in Bangladesh; website design & build in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Jordan.

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So here's an alternative route through this website making sure that you don't miss those little asides which give alternative insight to the media business: that's our business.

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McCreadie media services

London based ... working worldwide.

Publishing online and offline.

Media and IT Consultancy.

Training for journalists worldwide.

Out of the dark ages -
Communication & Information Technology (IT) skills:

Customised training workshops and consultancy advice to spread the advantages of new communication technologies and the Internet to the people who need it most whether in Europe or in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Carribean.

We prepare feasibility studies, draw up project plans addressing every business operation - the technology, management practices, staffing, time management, estimating & costing, design and marketing. Sometimes job losses are inevitable and painful, plus pay cuts, changes to hours and work practices, new skills training, fresh approaches to selling ... it is a brave management decision to back our project planning and implementation.

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